I know you have felt it. I know you have been touched by it. I know it has consumed you before. You wouldn't be in this business if you didn't have it. Each of you knows what I'm talking about! That drive in us becomes so loud sometimes that we can hardly think! What is that drive in us?

We humans sometimes operate on fuel we never wanted; sometimes a death forces us to do things we never wanted to do. Sometimes a birth happily pushes us to make changes in our lives. Many times, that drive in us is unexplainable, yet we know something is pushing us toward success. It's a rush, a high like no other. We must have it and we want more of it once we get it. That drive in us is what makes the whole thing a challenge.

The rush I used to get after showing property and writing an offer was amazing. Getting the listing despite competition always kept me awake at night. The adrenalin I'd feel after presenting an offer was overwhelming sometimes. That drive in us is one of the key elements that makes us go the extra mile for our clients and customers. That drive in us is why many of us push ourselves to limits we've never reached before. That drive in us is what keeps us from going down other paths. That drive in us is amazing!

Some newbies have that drive already and nothing is going to stop them from achieving their goals. I like those newbies. The drive resonates in my soul, and I love hearing their stories of setbacks as well as successes. I will never forget the first time I showed a FSBO how he could clear more money by listing with me than by selling his home himself. He was excited, I was excited, and after he gave me his listing, I walked away with a smile on my face and didn't sleep that night! The next rush came when we closed on his house, and he declared to me that he wasn't 100% sure we could pull it off, but he liked my energy so he gave me a chance. Do you have any idea how exciting that was, to see him clear more money than he had hoped for? That is the drive in us that keeps us going and getting better in our real estate careers.

That drive in us will be the same drive in you when you decide it's time to kick your real estate career into gear. You first need the 63-Hr. Pre-Licensing Class and we can do that for you in one week. Then you'll need the 45-Hr. Post-Licensing Class, which happens August 28th and then again in February. Now is the time to do it. It will never be easier to get a license than it is with TEAM Hughes Real Estate School. Register online at our website and that let drive in us become the drive in you.