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What is Your Why?


Shortly after I began my real estate quest, I discovered that I was pregnant. Most people recall their pregnancy very vividly, but for me it was a blur. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but so much changed in such a short amount of time that it was overwhelming. We had acquired a new house, I was beginning a new career, and then a lifestyle change happened that was unfathomable. However, I remember one thing very clearly. From the time I announced the good news, people began to refer to my unborn child as my “why.”

Don’t know what your “why” is? Just Google “my why” or “your why” and you’ll be inundated with a plethora of information on how to find it. Take this quiz, read this book, join this seminar, etcetera, etcetera. Basically, your why is your purpose, why you do what you do. 

I’d been in real estate for 13 short months when I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. And everyone kept telling me that he was my “why.” In fact, the last time I heard it was just a month ago. I was telling someone at my brokerage that I have a young son and choose to work from home some days because my husband often works long hours, out of town, or both. She sighed, smiled, and said, “So he’s your why.” 

At this point, I’d like to make it clear that I love my son beyond measure. He is WHY I wish there were more hours in the day and more days in the year. He is WHY I want to be a better person. He is WHY I pray that I can set an example of kindness and empathy. 

When it comes to my real estate career, my son is not my “why.” In the past, even just a month ago, when people would refer to him as my “why,” I would feel guilty for hesitating before slowly nodding in agreement. Was I missing some maternal instinct? Did I love my son enough? These questions plagued me. 

Now I am comfortable saying it. My son is the reason that I live, the reason that I breathe. However, when it comes to my real estate career, I am my own “why.” And that is okay. It is more than okay, it is healthy. It is healthy to take a stand for yourself, take charge of your own life, set your own goals, and celebrate your accomplishments. 

Every situation is different, but everyone has a “why” when it comes to branching out and starting a career in real estate. Just be true to yourself, take the plunge for the right reason, and don’t look back! In a very short time, if you don’t yet know, you will figure out what your why is and how it can help you enjoy the ride toward your goals.

Submitted and written by Brittany McCoy, REI

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