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The One-Week Fast Track Real Estate Class is Scary 2018-11-21

The one-week fast track real estate class is scary and can be pretty intimidating to some. Many prospective students comment to me, "I just don't think I can go that fast.” Believe me, a fast track real estate class is the only way to go!

Blogs from Another Time 2018-11-19

I’ve been reading several blogs from another time that were written by real estate agents, moms of small children, divorced women, school teachers, and the best of all, people who fashion themselves to be comedians.

You Were in Their Shoes Once 2018-11-07

As a real estate instructor and a broker, many times seasoned agents complain about new agents not knowing how to do something properly. You were in their shoes once.

A Mistake I’ll Never Forget! 2018-10-31

Our IT guy tells us regular blogging is good for business, so I do it. Today’s blog, however, is a bit different. I want to tell you about a mistake I’ll never forget!

Is The Glass Half Full or Is It Half Empty? 2018-10-26

The question, “Is the glass half full or is it half empty?” is an idiom commonly used to explain how some people perceive situations differently.

This Can Be Your Day! 2018-10-24

This can be your day if you let it! Imagine the alarm goes off and you stumble out of bed knowing that you absolutely cannot be late for work today. Even though the sun is shining, birds are singing, the coffee aroma is floating around you, your immediate thought is that you dread going into a meaningless job one more day.

Dreaming Helps You Achieve Goals 2018-10-22

Are you a dreamer? Do you ever dream about being more than you are? Do you ever dream of living a life that allows you to follow your passions?

I believe in dreams. I believe dreaming helps you achieve your goals. I believe that if we don’t have dreams, we aren’t motivated to do more. Where do these dreams come from?

Yes, I’m Human! 2018-10-02

Licensed in 1983 at the age of 10 (okay, so that would make me 42 – yerright!!!). Okay, let me start over with a bit of honesty here. Licensed in 1983 at the age of 34, I experienced a bit of arrogance, a bit of excitement, some anticipation, and a whole lot of fear! 

October Class is Forming 2018-09-27

Every month, TEAM Hughes Real Estate School presents a One-Week Fast Track Real Estate class, which is an accelerated version of the required 63-Hr. Pre-License Salesman class.

Let Me Introduce You To Some Agents I Know 2018-09-24

Laura has been a REALTOR® for about two years. Her first career is at a local bank, and she is a people person. Through her many contacts from her first career, Laura has been able to make as a high an income in her second career of real estate as most other agents who profess to be full-time agents.