Why Choose TEAM Hughes?

With more than eighty years of accumulated real estate experience, the instructors at TEAM Hughes Real Estate School offer students more than just knowledge—they offer the support of a team of expert professionals who are committed to your success!

A TEAM Hughes graduate is a trusted agent whose training and expertise helps guide home buyers and sellers through an often complex financial (and emotional) real estate transaction. We’re constantly receiving good feedback from local brokers and other industry professionals about the preparedness of graduates from TEAM Hughes, and we couldn’t be prouder. We’re thrilled to be a part of their success story and are thankful they are a part of ours. We hope you’ll join us!

What Our Students Are Saying

Incredible learning experience with TEAM Hughes.
From the moment you walk through the door, a welcoming feeling and a feeling like you belong.
The learning process is easily understandable, the information flow is extremely graspable, the teachers are thoroughly knowledgeable and concerned with the individual's success.
Highly recommended.
Thank you TEAM Hughes!
-Pedro Cardozo

I took the 63 hour sales associate course with Barry and Amy and they were excellent teachers. They broke everything down and simplified the content to where it was understandable. The 63 hour sales associate course was fast paced but very informative and straight forward. With their guidance I was able to pass my state exam on the first attempt. I highly recommend Team Hughes Real Estate School. I will definitely use them for my Post Licensure Course.
-William Bingle

The instructors was very nice and straightforward! If you are wanting to go to real estate this is the best one in the city!
-Katresia Spearson

Exceptional Real Estate Education Experience with Britney McCoy. I recently had the pleasure of taking the post-license real estate course with Britney McCoy as my instructor, alongside Team Hughes of Better Homes and Garden. From start to finish, Britney exhibited the highest level of professionalism, making the entire learning experience not only enriching but also enjoyable. One of Britney's standout qualities was her adeptness at maintaining a focused and engaging learning environment. Even when unexpected side-bars occurred, she effortlessly guided the class back on track, ensuring that valuable time wasn't lost. This skill contributed significantly to the overall flow of the course and demonstrated her exceptional classroom management abilities. Britney's teaching style was another highlight of the course. She presented complex information in a manner that was easily understandable, breaking down intricate concepts into digestible segments. This approach not only facilitated comprehension but also fostered a positive and inclusive learning atmosphere for all participants. One of the key indicators of a great instructor is their responsiveness to questions, and Britney excelled in this aspect. She welcomed and addressed every query with patience and precision, leaving no room for confusion. Importantly, I never encountered any instances of misinformation; her expertise and commitment to accuracy were evident throughout the course. Taking Britney McCoy's real estate class was truly a pleasure. Her passion for the subject matter, coupled with her dedication to ensuring her students' success, made the learning experience not only educational but also enjoyable. I can confidently say that I would eagerly sign up for any future real estate courses taught by Britney. If you're seeking a knowledgeable, professional, and engaging instructor, Britney McCoy is undoubtedly an excellent choice.
-Michael Barbier

If you want a real estate school with instructors that go above and beyond for their students, don't look any further!
Instructors Amy and Barry diligently go over all material needed for the pre-license exam, making sure you understand the concepts before they go any further. Every day spent in class was a treat; learning about the real estate field in methods which help you retain the information, listening to Barry's various funny real estate stories, and Amy showing concepts that truly get the math in your head - all while enjoying a cup of coffee in class!
When I need to take courses to further my career in real estate, there is only one option, Team Hughes Real Estate!
-Seth Scott

I tried doing an online class, but I was not retaining the information I needed. Taking the course with the Hughes was a lot better. I learned a lot and passed my exam with only missing 7 questions out of the 100. They were great! I highly recommend.
-Desirea Hill

I loved this course! Brent is wonderful and so knowledgeable. They care about their students and will help in any way to facilitate your success! Highly recommend!
-Carol Sharp

I cannot sing enough praises for the incredible real estate instructor, Mr. Brent Spaulding, who has undoubtedly transformed my career trajectory. His passion and dedication for real estate education is palpable, and his natural pride in this career as a real estate agent brought a comfortable and nurturing environment for us students who were seeking any and all answers! Mr. Brent genuinely cared about his students' success, readily offering guidance, encouragement, and support every step of the way. Whether you're a seasoned agent looking to sharpen your skills or a newcomer navigating the nuances of the profession, Mr. Brent meets you where you are, tailoring his every approach to suit your individual needs. It wasn't just about passing the exams — but it was also about building lasting connections with like-minded professionals who shared a passion for real estate excellence. If you're serious about taking your real estate career to new heights, investing in Team Hughes Real Estate School's 63-Hour Fast Track Pre-License course is an absolute no-brainer. Mr. Brent was more than just an instructor — he was a mentor, a guide, and a beacon of inspiration for anyone with a dream of succeeding in this dynamic industry. Trust me; you won't regret it! Thank you, Mr. Brent, for being the driving force behind my professional growth and empowering countless others to achieve their goals. Looking forward to crossing paths on the Emerald Coast, Mr. Brent! Here's to many more success stories under your guidance!
-Vanessa Berquist

Barry and Amy were excellent, knowledgeable, and helpful. They really made the experience easy to learn.
-U. Jones

Barry and his wife not only taught the course with enthusiasm and humor but they were detailed on the material and genuinely cared that you absorbed the information. Plenty of time was given for review. Don’t self teach online. Go to their class and get it done. Highly recommend.
-Jessica Brittingham

Awesome class with awesome instructors.
-Cornelius Allen

I took the 63 hour fast track class. It keep you busy but you can pass if you study. Great class suburb educators.
-Vera Stanley

Barry and Amy, I just wanted to personally thank you for an outstanding experience this week. You and Amy are truly meant to do this! I had a hard time signing up for this course, thinking it was impossible to get anything out of cramming all that info into a 1 week pre license course, but I’ll admit, I was completely 100 % wrong. Was an absolute pleasure getting to know you both and looking forward to starting my next career. Thanks again for getting me started on the right path Highly recommend! Next up, state!
-Robert D'Alto

Team Hughes was a great learning experience. I highly recommend them!
-Fred Newman

I attended Team Hughes in Destin. Brent was the instructor and he did an amazing job. I passed the pre-license on the last day. Then on to the state, and passed it. It was a hard test, but I did it with the help of Team Hughes and Brent! Thank you!
-Kim Tate

The class, although fast pace, gives you all the material and information you need to succeed. Barry and Amy are there to assist in any way they can.
-Kathy McMillan

Barry and Amy did a fantastic job taking a 63-hour course in one week and making it interesting and focused to be able to get through that week and pass the exam… recommend!
-David Torraca

I attended the 63-hour in person class, which I was dreading because I couldn’t imagine sitting in a classroom for that long. The instruction was engaging and flew by. I was completely prepared for the class test and state exam!
-Christy Gray

I can not say enough good things about this school. Brent the instructor was such a joy to be around and made the learning experience fun. I made so many friends in the process that I am sure will keep in touch through out my real estate journey. Thank you again!
-Lyndy Wackler

The trainers were excellent, personable and thorough. The facility was clean and prime for learning. I enjoyed the lessons and am excited about Real Estate in a way I had not been before. Money well spent.
-Erica Webb

Barry and Amy are great instructors. Very knowledgeable. Lots of material but made a fun learning environment. Glad I choose team Hughes real estate school for my real estate career. I took my exam today and I passed. I recommend the school for anyone looking to go into real estate.
-Jo Ward

Great class with great instructors that truly care!
-Pandas are awesome

This was the most amazing experience I have ever had! Team Hughes made the process of learning the material easy. The laid back atmosphere was definitely a plus! It is a close knit group, and they care about your overall success. Amy and Barry are amazing instructors. I had a lot of trepidation taking the course (especially at my age) but once we started, I wish I would have done this years ago! If you are looking into a real estate school to jumpstart your new career, look no further. Team Hughes is the place you want to go! Thank you all! I passed!
-Delawnes Melton

Thank you, Barry and Amy, for being such wonderful, fun, and thorough instructors! Will always recommend!
-Desiree Bon Google

Really enjoyed Barry and Amy’s teaching. They did a fantastic job with our class going over 500 pages of Florida's real estate principles so thoroughly in 63 hours! Would definitely recommend.
-Sean Patrick

Amazing instructors. Highly recommend the 63 hour week-long course. Worth every penny!
-Tiff Kay

Barry and Amy are great instructors. Very knowledgeable. Lots of material but made a fun learning environment. Glad I choose TEAM Hughes Real Estate School for my real estate career. I took my exam today and I passed. I recommend the school for anyone looking to go into real estate.
-Jo Ward

Barry knows the material well, and makes it interesting. However, I feel absorption of 440 pages isn't optimal in only 6 days. It just moved too quickly. I passed exam, however if I would have known the rigor, I would have chosen to wait till the Fall when my schedule would accomodate the evening course over 3 wks. So glad to move on to the State exam! Great course!
-Susan Darosa

Great experience. The instructors were hilarious and courteous. I felt comfortable and confident to take the exam and I passed.
-Cherlonda Needham

Amy and Barry are wonderful instructors. They do a great job of teaching you exactly what you need to know. The material isn’t the most exciting, but they keep you engaged and get through it. They’re both professional and personable and want to see you succeed! Great place to get started!
-Bridget R. Dall

Barry and Amy are fantastic instructors. The use their real life experiences and knowledge to put the material being taught into better understanding. They motivate and encourage with positivity to make their students believe they can achieve it. I’m really glad I chose Team Hughes as my real estate school. Blessings, Mo.
-Muhammed M. Khan

The team is very professional and caring at the same time. A great combination but not many have. I made the right decision when I went there for my real estate school choice.
-Paula K. Riley

I recently completed the pre-license course at Team Hughes Real Estate School, and I must say it was an outstanding experience. The course provided comprehensive and up-to-date content that thoroughly prepared me for the real estate license exam. The instructors, Amy and Barry, were incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. They presented the material in a clear and organized manner, making complex concepts easy to understand. I appreciated their willingness to answer questions and provide additional support when needed. I took the state exam the following day after I finished pre-license course and passed it on my first try!
-Valariaa Dvoriadkina

During the fast track class, we received a ton of information in a short period of time. It was overwhelming! But Brent was an excellent instructor and made sure to keep our focus on exactly what we needed to know in order to be successful. He did a great job at explaining the concepts that could potentially be harder to grasp, and he was super approachable, making everyone comfortable to ask questions when we needed more clarification. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone looking to get into real estate and wanting to get the education part behind them a little quicker. Thank you, Team Hughes! And thank you, Brent!
-Chesley N. Peek

It was a wonderful class. Both the instructor and the students were a pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend.
-Wendy Williams

It was a fun learning experience! Thanks for all your help, Barry. :)
-Fiona Tanner

This course was very organized, great guest speakers, and left me fully prepared for the state exam!
-Chelsee N. Raynsford

I took the seven-day fast track class. It’s a lot of material, but the instructors make it relatable and intriguing. I had Bob, and he was fantastic. I recommend Team Hughes to everyone!
-Kenyetta Y. Chambers

Team Hughes Real Estate School was excellent. Every topic and chapter was covered. They provided extra practice questions in class and even gave us a USB stick with additional study resources. They brought in a lender and a broker to answer our questions and made the long class days as comfortable as possible. I'm looking forward to going back for my post-license education course after I pass my state exam.
-Nikkita R. Kent

I liked the instructor.
-Terri L. Steck

This course was awesome. I passed the course and passed the state exam thanks to the education provided by Team Hughes. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get into real estate!!
-Barrett D. Buchanan

Excellent school and instructors! A great introduction to the industry with guest speakers, and they helped me pass the state exam on the first attempt!
-Scott A. Wilson

Class was very informative and prepared me to pass the test.
-Lorena P. Black

Informative! Fun! And the instructor made it so easy to understand.
-Jonah L. Lewis

Very very helpful! Highly recommend!
-Beverly D. Lincke

Great class with a lot of tips to pass test.
-Carrie J. Oconnell

All of my Fl agents have used Hughes RE School and passed on first try.
-Reagan Davis

The best way I can describe Team Hughes is first class! Our instructor, Barb, was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and above all, very encouraging. Everyone I came in contact with, including Amy and Barry, was always very polite. Very professional and caring. When they say they want you to succeed, it is not just words. I just having the opportunity to listen to Audi speak to us was so incredible. With his company is about, but they believe in how much they get back to the community is definitely. Something I would love to be a part of. I would encourage anyone interested in real estate to attend the school. I am telling everyone! I am very grateful. Thank you to Team Hughes!
-Catherine J. Ellis

Amy and Barry are very knowledgeable in this course and shared that knowledge with the class. The class was informative and enlightening. Great Job! I recommend this class to any individual that is interested in real estate.
-Lois Marie Bledsoe

Brent was great! Happy I got him as my instructor. Him teaching and using his real world experience as a sales associate really helped me understand a lot of concepts. The course set up was great as well. Big thanks to Brent for giving advice and tips. Thank you!
-Joshua A. English

Made learning real estate interesting.
-Kevin Frum

I came in with zero real estate knowledge which can def be intimidating. Brent was phenomenal and very thorough. He was patient and was open to answering any and all questions!
-Kristen D. English

I passed the state exam on my first try!!!

I usually don’t write a review but felt the need to thank you and your team, specially Mr. Brent on the support and knowledge provided. My first language is Spanish and for me it was extremely challenging to understand all the concepts so fast. I wouldn’t have done it without the patience of our teacher and well developed content of this course. Will definitely reach out to you for post license when I’m ready.
Michelle Bordas

Great class!
-Shane T. English

Extremely thankful for all the material and information I obtained from the services of the TEAM Hughes Real Estate School. Barry & Amy are awesome instructors!
-Hallie S. Speed

The instructor was really organized and I felt the classes are structured perfectly to absorb and learn what is needed to get ready for the state exam.
-Carrie F. Garfield

Great classroom and learning environment. Barry and Amy are phenomenal instructors.
-Sheena M. Creer

This school was outstanding! Brent was the absolute best instructor you could ask for. He was so helpful, extremely passionate, and took time to answer questions we had, even off-topic questions about realty. Team Hughes really goes above and beyond with the course and the special guests that they bring in.
-Garrett A. Hendrix

I had Brent Stephan’s as my professor and he was absolutely amazing. The environment he created in the classroom was open, free of judgment, and entirely full of knowledge and room for growth! I came to the class not knowing a thing about real estate and left feeling as though I am prepared to be begin my career. He helped me believe that I have what it takes to be successful and thrive. His class was the best class I’ve ever taken for anything. So pleased with how it went!
-Carrill A. Konkler

I didn’t really know what to expect being the class was Fast Track. It was a lot of information but necessary. Enjoyed the instructors and their patience to work with me.
-Victoria M. Austin

Brittany is easy to understand willing to go that extra mile and just perfect for the class.
-Roger Steven Rowe

This is my third class with Team Hughes and I love the company. The instructors are very helpful and supportive. They go out of their way to make sure you are set up for success!
-Victoria Pitts

The in person class was the best decision!
-Kristen D. Kuenzel

Barry and Amy were great! It was a lot to cover. They both new when to stop and ask if someone needed to go over material again if a student was confused. And since this was the fast track course, there really was not time, but they made time. It is truly fast! I was a little stressed and they made everything enjoyable. Thank you both!
-Jimmi L. Ruston

Great class, learned a lot.
-Louis O. Cassida

Barry and Amy were absolutely amazing. They were knowledgeable, supportive, and kind. I would highly recommend them as instructors if you are serious about joining the real estate journey.
-Joseph K. Robbins

It was great experience.
-Iana L. English

The presentation of classroom education, along with the instructor himself (Brent) was too-notch, and made the strenuous week of learning go by fast. Our instructor not only made the six days straight of class, worthwhile, but also made it interesting and even fun at times. I would absolutely recommend Team Hughes to anyone considering a career in real estate, and those already in who are continuing their journey in real estate.
-William F. English

The class was great. It gave me a great foundation for preparing for the state test. Bob was great.
-Robert L. Cook

Team Hughes is the best! Their teaching strategies are great, and they will always thoroughly explain everything and answer any questions. They also keep the class entertaining and interesting by adding real life comparable stories and creating games. I think that’s a great way to help remember things. I wouldn’t chose anyone else, and I’m so grateful for team Hughes! They have absolutely been life changing for me in helping me succeed in my dream of being a realtor and accomplishing life goals. Thank you guys for everything.
-Summer Renee Mandel

Excellent instruction and detail to ensure you pass the course. Friendly, welcoming classroom environment.
-Marvin Walker Clemmons

This was my first experience with taking an in-person real estate class and it definitely won't be my last with Team Hughes. I would like to give a shoutout to Brittany McCoy. She made the hours fly by with her authenticity and passion for real estate. The experience overall was great!
-Andrew Wheeler

Brittany was an amazing instructor!
-Amanda S. Thompson

This was my second course with TEAMHughes and it was just as awesome as the first. Highly recommend.
-Charles Sigman

Brittany was amazing.
-Cervante A. Gist

The classes were great. Instructor was very good.
-Peggy Rowley

It was a lot of information in a short period of time for the day class . I wasn’t expecting all of that. But, it’s presented in a way so you can focus on the test to pass the pre license requirements and study further for the state exam. The instructor was very knowledgeable and everyone one involved was very helpful to paint the picture of what is needed to be a real estate agent.
-Lori A. Woron

Bob was a great teacher, it was a very long week with tons and tons of information but it will all be worth it when I get my license!
-Terese E. Bellows

Loved my time at team Hughes. Tons of information to register in a short amount of time, but the team does their best to help you retain the information and pass your test!
-Sarah R. Willhelm

Love the atmosphere, and the teacher was amazing and knowledgeable.
-Enrique Irizarry

Well-kept facilities Pleasant and nice staff Good guest speakers Material presented in a way that wasn't stressful.
-Stacey L. Bankston

The instructors could not have done a better job! They were friendly, supportive, and helpful throughout the whole class.
-Meah E. Bennett

Team Hughes worked with us every step of the way very great teacher and make you feel comfortable to ask questions.
-Lakisha R. Moore

Great place to take your class. They all want to see you succeed, so the training is top notch!
-Mette Nelson

-Wayne W. Menges

I think Barry and Amy did a wonderful job. They're so nice and encouraged our class to pursue our goals no matter how stressful and overwhelming it all seemed. Thank you so much.
-Anna Conklin

The only school to answer the phone on first call and answered all my questions! Nice work! You realize that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Nailed it!
-Darren A. Larson

The real estate course was great. The instructor was very knowledgeable and made learning interesting. The class was small allowing for great discussions and sharing experiences.
-John A. Quinones

Barry and Amy were great instructors. They were very personable and friendly. I felt like they genuinely cared about each of their students. They tried to teach helpful ways to remember the material. I felt like they wanted to prepare each of their students to pass.
-Angela M. Yusten

Very professional and direct to the point! Very fast paced with a lot of material to cover in a short time frame. Overall a good experience, learned a lot of knowledge, laws and formulas used in the real estate business, that will be needed to be successful to pass the state exam.
-Kenneth C. Wessel

I enjoyed the delivery, the pace, and the class overall. If I were to make a suggestion on improvement it would be to develop cahoots for all of the chapters because going through the chapter, then covering the summary points, and then doing the cahoots seem to solidify the material for me personally, and I struggled more with the chapters at the end where we did not have the same coverage. I passed the class which was the objective, and I appreciate the support from the instructors. I would definitely recommend this class!
-Rebecca J. Philpot

I am so glad I decided to take this course instead of online. I got a lot of study materials, tips, and good quality teaching. Barry and Amy were great with explaining everything clearly and making sure we all were prepared. I am thankful for this opportunity and I am excited about my future real estate career. Thank you guys!
-Crystal S. Scott

Without Mr. Bob there was a low chance I would have passed. My thanks goes to him.
-Gabriel Negueb Garcia

The 63-hour pre-license fast track course was amazing.
-Vyveca Adriana Wiley

I was perfectly prepared to take the pre-course exam as well as gain the positive momentum I needed in order to pass the exam. Thank you, Team Hughes.
-Josephine R. Leho

Very good class, very good teachers.
-Tyler J. Coburn

Great job!
-Steven L. Brown

All outstanding!
-William Ross Kilpatrick

I took Pre-License and Post-License, and both were great experiences! Teachers were helpful and encouraging.
-Ruth L. Johnson

Brent did a wonderful job teaching a subject that is difficult to learn; without an expert that is well versed it would have been quite the challenge.
-Joshua G. Lafaire

I felt heard, informed, comfortable, and excited to go to class and learn! I would recommend Hughes Real Estate School to anyone whose thinking of learning something new or learning about Real Estate! Thank you, TEAM Hughes Real Estate!!!!
-Melina A. Hodges

Awesome team and enjoyed the class.
-Bruce M. Obannon

The instruction and guidance provided by Barry and Amy in the Fast Track class was excellent! Even though I couldn't dedicate the after class study time they recommended, with the organization and presentation they offered in class, I was able to pass the pre license exam. Thanks a million $
-Edwin L. Scott

Great team and great teachers. Wish I would of went this route long ago.
-Stevie R. Nereaux

The instructors are great.
-Lance Smith

Learned a lot taking my pre-license real estate course would definitely recommend this school.
-Jakeesa E. Stallworth

This class was perfect for my busy schedule! I was able to knock out my pre-license course in a matter of seven days! The class was awesome and the instructor kept it very fun! Would 100% recommend to anyone!
-Cassie L. Andriakos

The best experience - great class- great instructor- great curriculum that was easy to follow. I felt completely prepared for my test and am ready to take my exam! Thank you! Thank you!
-Lauren Blann

The more nay feedback I would give is to tell people immediately when they sign up to go register with the state. That way they don’t have to wait too long after the class to test! I absolutely loved it, and will see y’all soon for post licensing!
-Kourtney Bedwell

Class is fast paced, but in the end you get for what you pay for. Amy and Barry are terrific.
-Melissa A. Turner

I enjoyed the course at TEAM Hughes. Amy and Barry took turns teaching different lessons which I found helpful. Math isn’t my strong suit, but Amy made the math lessons easy to understand.
-Raychel A. Raines

They were awesome I loved their interactive app to help with the practice questions.
-Yenifer M Panizo Reyes

This is a great class with great instructors. The material was explained very well and the instructors (Barry and Amy) were very patient with the students. Math is not my strong suit, but the instructors broke it down so well that I was able to learn the math with little to no problems. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is seeking to become a realtor.
-Terry T. Myles

I have debated on entering the real estate for two years and finally made the leap. I feel more confident from learning so much from Mr. Spaulding. His real life examples made it so much easier to understand. Thank y’all so much!!!
-Michelle E. Erlich

The class I attended was in Destin, and Brent was the instructor. Even though you receive a lot of information in a short time, the curriculum is setup that if you just pay attention and take good notes, not only will you pass the course, but you will be more than prepared to take the state test when the time comes. I would also like to thank Amy and staff for answering/returning calls quickly and answering any questions I may have had prior to and after the class.
-Michael D. Robinson

Bob was an excellent instructor. He went over the information in a timely manor and explained any questions.
-John K. Maughon

Thank you for a great class!
-Leigh Anne Weekley

Great instructor! Great environment! Great people! Brittany is an awesome instructor! She combines her experiences with her knowledge and it is so cool to learn from her. She is very modest and she leads by example. I learned a great deal from this course and it was great networking with several other hard-working real estate agents of our community.
-Lonnie Cowan Jr.

Great class, very detailed and informative. Exactly what I needed!
-Jonathan E. Reinsch

Amy and Barry are extremely knowledgeable and were willing and able to help me with all of my issues. Brittany, who taught the brokers class, was very knowledgeable as well and an awesome instructor, providing scenarios for almost every situation, which was of great help to me.
-Brenda Hill

Great class. The instructor was very knowledgeable.
-Sarah E. Comeau 

From start to finish...great experience!
-Martha C. Weaver

Excellent program.
-Mary Makla 

The instructors are very knowledgeable. Although there was a lot of content to cover, the pacing of the class and the format was quite appropriate. The Kahoot! quizzes were a huge benefit.
-Natalee L. Peoples

The instructors were thorough, professional, and supportive to the students in and outside of the class. Multiple resources were provided during the course and later for after course exam preparation. The class has a high standard for instruction. This was an excellent experience!
-Tamika F. Patanio

Amy and Barry were excellent instructors!
-Jennifer J. Bui

Phenomenal teachers.
-Samuel Douglas Lee

This course was excellent all around! The teaching style and “need to know” structure was a great way to keep the class manageable while still working on all other life obligations. I feel very confident for my state exam, thanks to Team Hughes. Thank y’all so much!
-Justin Robert Shupe

It was great experience. Well organized. Instructor Brent is awesome, very professional, very knowledgeable. He is great asset to the school team.
-John N. Neamatalla

Brent was absolutely wonderful.
-Lauren M. Dimartino 

The teaching staff was very professional.
-Gabriel Dominguez

Excellent school. Not an easy job teaching a crash course of such dry dense information; however, Barry did an admirable job.
-Rebecca S. O'Bannon

Everything was great! Class was conducted professionally, and Barry was very knowledgeable and was an awesome instructor.
-Keisha Yvonne Nettles

This class was absolutely wonderful! The teacher—Mr. Bob—did a fantastic job!
-Harriet P.

Bob was great! He answered a lot of questions, and he made sure we understood the chapters before he continued to the next! Great school!
-Mikaela G.

TEAM Hughes is an excellent place to learn about Florida real estate. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the best real estate school in the nation. I have never been anywhere that fed my mind and stomach at the same time. It was an enchanting experience with all the classmates. It was so good. The staff was exceptional and highly professional. Thanks, TEAM Hughes! Good job!
-Jean J.

This school was absolutely wonderful. The teacher—Mr. Bob—was nothing but amazing!
-Sherman P.

It was an amazing experience, they are very good at what they do and teaching. They explain the math part amazingly.
-Ivonne M. Felicie Lopez

Overall, a very good and concise class.
-Arthur T. Perez Jr.

Very good subject matter coverage.
-Alejandrina Grace Alsubaie

Thanks to Amy's help with the math portion of the class, I just passed my real estate exam on the first try! Thank you both so much.
-Lydia Grace Hunter

Barry and Amy were excellent instructors. Very good at explaining things and simplifying it down for when I didn't understand something. Highly recommend to anyone who is getting into real estate to sign up with Barry and Amy.
-Cody H. Gallenbeck

This course helped me so much for my pre-licensing. They guide you and give you the tools to complete this successfully!
-Danielle M. Becker

Mr. Brent is a wonderful teacher and friendly person. He took time to explain what was important and answered our questions.
-Rachel Cupp

Bob is a great instructor! He is very knowledgeable and answers any questions that you may have. He is pretty funny too and engaging!
-Heather Fowler

Brent Spaulding is a wonderful instructor and represents Team Hughes perfectly.
-Robert A.

Thank you for providing a wonderful learning experience. Bob was a great teacher and I am excited to take the test later this month!
-Andrea E.

Class was well done and thorough. I was well prepared for the state exam. Many thanks to Barry for a good classroom experience!
-Sarah A.

An excellent way to obtain your pre license and/or broker's license in real estate! I am currently taking my brokers course and it's the best way for me to learn and I'm enjoying the instructor Britney and had fun with Carrie's instruction last night! Two thumbs up!
-Eric H.

From Administration (Carrie Hughes) to the class taught by Brittany the feeling of “you can do this” was a driving force from the beginning. They believed in me before I could believe in me! Both Carrie and Brittany made it very personal. When they said you can contact me with any questions they meant it. Fast Track was fast and at times overwhelming to retain so much information in such a seemingly short time, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I amazed myself with how much I had retained without even realizing it. The class was a total success! If I had to do it over this is the only way to go. Thankfully I don’t have to because I passed the test!! Now waiting for state test date while studying for that. And, yes, I can do even that and pass the test! Thank you Team Hughes!
-Marie J.

I took the evening pre-licensing class offered in Destin a few weeks ago. I passed my state exam on the first try. Team Hughes Real Estate School provides thorough coverage of the material. The course is taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors.
-Nikki M.

Will be recommending the 63 hour fast track course! Very helpful and Brent Spaulding was an amazing instructor!
-Rachel C.

Excellent experience. Bob and Phil were awesome instructors that made sure that we knew all of the material necessary to pass the test. They were great at answering any questions and concerns. Thank you for your service.
-Brian H.

The staff and owners of Team Hughes Real Estate School are very helpful and knowledgeable. Not only, do they prepare you for your exam, but also for the real world. It is a lot of information to learn in a week, but you can do it with the help of Team Hughes. Thank you Bob, Brittany, and Carrie for everything!
-Lisa A.

I just passed my 63 hour pre license course!This is not an easy course to pass if you're lazy! Bob has the exceptional ability to teach the information, and make you understand it! He's a super guy with a great sense of humor, which makes the course A LOT less boring. He's got loads of tips for you to use once you become licensed. I will be happy to refer everyone I know looking to take any courses you offer!
Thank you for giving me the drive and motivation to be a successful real estate agent! God bless!
-Erin W.