Why Choose TEAM Hughes?

With more than eighty years of accumulated real estate experience, the instructors at TEAM Hughes Real Estate School offer students more than just knowledge—they offer the support of a team of expert professionals who are committed to your success!

A TEAM Hughes graduate is a trusted agent whose training and expertise helps guide home buyers and sellers through an often complex financial (and emotional) real estate transaction. We’re constantly receiving good feedback from local brokers and other industry professionals about the preparedness of graduates from TEAM Hughes, and we couldn’t be prouder. We’re thrilled to be a part of their success story and are thankful they are a part of ours. We hope you’ll join us!

What Our Students Are Saying

Thank you for a great class!

-Leigh Anne Weekley

Great instructor! Great environment! Great people! Brittany is an awesome instructor! She combines her experiences with her knowledge and it is so cool to learn from her. She is very modest and she leads by example. I learned a great deal from this course and it was great networking with several other hard-working real estate agents of our community.
-Lonnie Cowan Jr.

Great class, very detailed and informative. Exactly what I needed!
-Jonathan E. Reinsch

Amy and Barry are extremely knowledgeable and were willing and able to help me with all of my issues. Brittany, who taught the brokers class, was very knowledgeable as well and an awesome instructor, providing scenarios for almost every situation, which was of great help to me.
-Brenda Hill

Great class. The instructor was very knowledgeable.
-Sarah E. Comeau 

From start to finish...great experience!
-Martha C. Weaver

Excellent program.
-Mary Makla 

The instructors are very knowledgeable. Although there was a lot of content to cover, the pacing of the class and the format was quite appropriate. The Kahoot! quizzes were a huge benefit.
-Natalee L. Peoples

The instructors were thorough, professional, and supportive to the students in and outside of the class. Multiple resources were provided during the course and later for after course exam preparation. The class has a high standard for instruction. This was an excellent experience!
-Tamika F. Patanio

Amy and Barry were excellent instructors!
-Jennifer J. Bui

Phenomenal teachers.
-Samuel Douglas Lee

This course was excellent all around! The teaching style and “need to know” structure was a great way to keep the class manageable while still working on all other life obligations. I feel very confident for my state exam, thanks to Team Hughes. Thank y’all so much!
-Justin Robert Shupe

It was great experience. Well organized. Instructor Brent is awesome, very professional, very knowledgeable. He is great asset to the school team.
-John N. Neamatalla

Brent was absolutely wonderful.
-Lauren M. Dimartino 

The teaching staff was very professional.
-Gabriel Dominguez

Excellent school. Not an easy job teaching a crash course of such dry dense information; however, Barry did an admirable job.
-Rebecca S. O'Bannon

Everything was great! Class was conducted professionally, and Barry was very knowledgeable and was an awesome instructor.
-Keisha Yvonne Nettles

This class was absolutely wonderful! The teacher—Mr. Bob—did a fantastic job!
-Harriet P.

Bob was great! He answered a lot of questions, and he made sure we understood the chapters before he continued to the next! Great school!
-Mikaela G.

TEAM Hughes is an excellent place to learn about Florida real estate. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the best real estate school in the nation. I have never been anywhere that fed my mind and stomach at the same time. It was an enchanting experience with all the classmates. It was so good. The staff was exceptional and highly professional. Thanks, TEAM Hughes! Good job!
-Jean J.

This school was absolutely wonderful. The teacher—Mr. Bob—was nothing but amazing!
-Sherman P.

It was an amazing experience, they are very good at what they do and teaching. They explain the math part amazingly.
-Ivonne M. Felicie Lopez

Overall, a very good and concise class.
-Arthur T. Perez Jr.

Very good subject matter coverage.
-Alejandrina Grace Alsubaie

Thanks to Amy's help with the math portion of the class, I just passed my real estate exam on the first try! Thank you both so much.
-Lydia Grace Hunter

Barry and Amy were excellent instructors. Very good at explaining things and simplifying it down for when I didn't understand something. Highly recommend to anyone who is getting into real estate to sign up with Barry and Amy.
-Cody H. Gallenbeck

This course helped me so much for my pre-licensing. They guide you and give you the tools to complete this successfully!
-Danielle M. Becker

Mr. Brent is a wonderful teacher and friendly person. He took time to explain what was important and answered our questions.
-Rachel Cupp

Bob is a great instructor! He is very knowledgeable and answers any questions that you may have. He is pretty funny too and engaging!
-Heather Fowler

Brent Spaulding is a wonderful instructor and represents Team Hughes perfectly.
-Robert A.

Thank you for providing a wonderful learning experience. Bob was a great teacher and I am excited to take the test later this month!
-Andrea E.

Class was well done and thorough. I was well prepared for the state exam. Many thanks to Barry for a good classroom experience!
-Sarah A.

An excellent way to obtain your pre license and/or broker's license in real estate! I am currently taking my brokers course and it's the best way for me to learn and I'm enjoying the instructor Britney and had fun with Carrie's instruction last night! Two thumbs up!
-Eric H.

From Administration (Carrie Hughes) to the class taught by Brittany the feeling of “you can do this” was a driving force from the beginning. They believed in me before I could believe in me! Both Carrie and Brittany made it very personal. When they said you can contact me with any questions they meant it. Fast Track was fast and at times overwhelming to retain so much information in such a seemingly short time, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I amazed myself with how much I had retained without even realizing it. The class was a total success! If I had to do it over this is the only way to go. Thankfully I don’t have to because I passed the test!! Now waiting for state test date while studying for that. And, yes, I can do even that and pass the test! Thank you Team Hughes!
-Marie J.

I took the evening pre-licensing class offered in Destin a few weeks ago. I passed my state exam on the first try. Team Hughes Real Estate School provides thorough coverage of the material. The course is taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors.
-Nikki M.

Will be recommending the 63 hour fast track course! Very helpful and Brent Spaulding was an amazing instructor!
-Rachel C.

Excellent experience. Bob and Phil were awesome instructors that made sure that we knew all of the material necessary to pass the test. They were great at answering any questions and concerns. Thank you for your service.
-Brian H.

The staff and owners of Team Hughes Real Estate School are very helpful and knowledgeable. Not only, do they prepare you for your exam, but also for the real world. It is a lot of information to learn in a week, but you can do it with the help of Team Hughes. Thank you Bob, Brittany, and Carrie for everything!
-Lisa A.

I just passed my 63 hour pre license course!This is not an easy course to pass if you're lazy! Bob has the exceptional ability to teach the information, and make you understand it! He's a super guy with a great sense of humor, which makes the course A LOT less boring. He's got loads of tips for you to use once you become licensed. I will be happy to refer everyone I know looking to take any courses you offer!
Thank you for giving me the drive and motivation to be a successful real estate agent! God bless!
-Erin W.