Why Choose TEAM Hughes?

With more than eighty years of accumulated real estate experience, the instructors at TEAM Hughes Real Estate School offer students more than just knowledge—they offer the support of a team of expert professionals who are committed to your success!

A TEAM Hughes graduate is a trusted agent whose training and expertise helps guide home buyers and sellers through an often complex financial (and emotional) real estate transaction. We’re constantly receiving good feedback from local brokers and other industry professionals about the preparedness of graduates from TEAM Hughes, and we couldn’t be prouder. We’re thrilled to be a part of their success story and are thankful they are a part of ours. We hope you’ll join us!

What Our Students Are Saying

Excellent experience. Bob and Phil were awesome instructors that made sure that we knew all of the material necessary to pass the test. They were great at answering any questions and concerns. Thank you for your service.
-Brian H.

The staff and owners of Team Hughes Real Estate School are very helpful and knowledgeable. Not only, do they prepare you for your exam, but also for the real world. It is a lot of information to learn in a week, but you can do it with the help of Team Hughes. Thank you Bob, Brittany, and Carrie for everything!
-Lisa A.

I just passed my 63 hour pre license course!This is not an easy course to pass if you're lazy! Bob has the exceptional ability to teach the information, and make you understand it! He's a super guy with a great sense of humor, which makes the course A LOT less boring. He's got loads of tips for you to use once you become licensed. I will be happy to refer everyone I know looking to take any courses you offer!
Thank you for giving me the drive and motivation to be a successful real estate agent! God bless!
-Erin W.

Carrie and Bob were amazing. Their experiences and stories brought to life the academic lessons learned to ensure we could comprehend and apply as needed. I took the 3-week evening course, which allowed plenty of time to study. Thank you again TEAM Hughes for a positive experience and a beginning to my new career.
-Dawn A.

Bob was such an amazing instructor. He was always willing to answer questions and give real feedback. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to get into real estate. Thank you for making a course that was easy to follow and set me up for success!
-Brittany M.

Passed my exam with minimal headache & little studying. Team Hughes helped me understand the concepts, not just memorize key terms.
-Matt G.

When I read the reviews for this crash course before paying for it, I thought, "too good to be true." I was in chapter seven of another online course and had begun to lose focus…[TEAM Hughes said] their pass rate is crazy high. I thought, ok, you guys got me in here but I'm still not sure...On the fourth day, when I got home, I had a panic attack and was convinced I wouldn’t pass the course. I emailed Carrie, and she responded in such a personable and understanding way...that if I stuck it out, I would eventually be telling her I passed. I passed with a 95! Carrie, along with Bob #1 and Bob #2, saved my career. I was about to quit. My family and friends encouraged me as well, but this class is DOABLE. It’s worth the money!
-Heidi G.