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Soar with the Eagles! 2018-12-31

Now that 2018 is practically behind us, it’s time to think about the direction that you want to go in your career. You can either soar with the eagles, or you can keep on groveling with the turkeys!

Do You Make Resolutions? 2018-12-28

Do you make resolutions for the New Year’s Day, hoping to achieve something you’ve not been able to do in the past? I used to make all kinds of New Year’s resolutions when I was younger. After many years of seeing the resolutions fall by the wayside, I stopped making them.

Have a Blessed Few Days! 2018-12-24

We are in Illinois and pray you have a blessed few days! Our time here has been wonderful. We've played with grandchildren, and we are exhausted!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas 2018-12-21

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go. That makes it difficult to concentrate on blogging. Sitting by my daughter’s Christmas tree, sipping hot coffee, Gracie and Anna tugging at me for attention – all of these sweet memories remove us from the reality of our lives in Florida.

Give Yourself a Present 2018-12-19

Christmas trees with pretty lights, lovely Menorahs laid out for Hanukkah, nippy cold weather ahead of us, and lots of food and drink at parties all set us up for the holiday spirit. Regardless of your religious affiliation, you must admit the last month of each year comes in with much anticipation.

Wandering in the Desert 2018-12-17

Today’s world of technology makes life easier, but many people seem to be wandering in the desert. Things have gotten so hectic that they don’t know how to slow down and enjoy their career.

Career Changes Are Not Unusual 2018-11-30

In our country, career changes are not unusual. Statistics show that most consumers will change careers at least three times during adulthood.

Dear Person Who Wants to Practice Real Estate 2018-11-27

You don’t know me, but I know you. You’re the person who had a tiny idea one time about selling real estate.

Thankful for Your Career 2018-11-23

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! TEAM Hughes is so thankful for so many things. I hope you, like us, are thankful for your career.

The One-Week Fast Track Real Estate Class is Scary 2018-11-21

The one-week fast track real estate class is scary and can be pretty intimidating to some. Many prospective students comment to me, "I just don't think I can go that fast.” Believe me, a fast track real estate class is the only way to go!