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Breaking Records

By: Carrie Hughes

January is historically a time when people still have their resolve about them, and they are determined to meet all those new year resolutions they made on December 31. In our industry, breaking records will usually occur in January and/or February. This year is no exception. Between all our January classes, we have had an attendance we have never experienced!

We are a mom and pop type of organization, and our host campuses are gracious enough to allow our school to conduct classes out of their training facilities. TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is not affiliated with any real estate firm, and I have the utmost regard for the local offices and the people who run them.

I am sure we get some of our students from our host campus efforts, but they are not our only source of students. One of our best sources comes from former students, and we honor those people who trust us by small tokens of our appreciation. It is important to TEAM Hughes Real Estate School to develop relationships rather than just teaching the class to people we may never see again. I am guessing that is why we are breaking records this month. People like us, they trust us, and they learn from us. I say this with great humility. Our only goal is to take what we have stored in our minds and in our hearts and to pass it on to our students.

Breaking records is invigorating! Realistically speaking, we have our goals for class attendance, and they are modest goals. It is important to us to know we are doing a good job. We love what we do, and we do it passionately with the hope that our students will pick up on the energy and enthusiasm we display. Breaking records means we have to go beyond where we are right now. We have to muster more energy, we have to exhibit more passion, and we have to love more. We are blessed to have some pretty great instructors to help us.

Breaking records will not happen every month, so we will enjoy the high of it for now. If we never break another record, however, we can remember how great January of 2019 began our year. If you want to begin your year breaking records, and if practicing real estate is your passion, do it today! Call or email me. I’m never too tired to talk with you or to email a response to you. You are why we are here! Contact us today!