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Your State of the Union Address

By: Carrie Hughes

The president will give his State of the Union Address on January 29. I began thinking about the State of the Union Address and how it affects us personally. Many Americans find themselves faced with jobs they do not love, jobs for which they have no passion, and jobs that merely allow them to pay the bills.

Your “state of the union address” is something you create, and it can become a divide in the road or the path you take to a better life. My “state of the union address” is pretty simple. After a while, some people tend to want to simplify life, and I’m surely one of them.

Having climbed a corporate ladder in my 30’s, then tapering off to make more money in my 40’s, I found myself increasingly unable to relax in my 50’s. Life threw many wrenches my way, but through a strong faith in my creator, I believe he walked me down the paths of the least pain, and somehow I found myself well on the way to my 70’s. Today my “state of the union address” simply says, “Live life large, give back more than you ever received, and teach people to do the right things.”

Your “state of the union address” is your own business, and most of you don’t have the opportunity I have to share your thoughts with complete strangers, so let me be the first to say your personal “state of the union address” is okay. The only one who has the right to scoff at your “state of the union address” is you. Walk, no, run toward the goals you set for yourself. If you want a life better than the one you have today, lay out the road map, start the journey, and don’t look back.

I talk with many people who indicate they’ve wanted to “do” real estate for years or they’ve always had a passion for real estate. What are you waiting for? There is never any better time than now! You can fill your “state of the union address” with dreams and hopes of a better life, but until you form a plan to take that first step, those dreams and hopes will always be what they are today and will never become realities. TEAM Hughes Real Estate School does one thing and one thing only – we help others turn their “state of the union address” into life. Why not let us do that for you as well. Call or email me today to start the process.