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We Always Need New Agents

As a real estate instructor and school owner, my opinion is that we always need new agents in the practice of real estate. Many seasoned real estate agents would disagree with that statement, but that’s because most of them no longer welcome competition and they’ve lost their love of synergism.

We always need new agents because they bring with them fresh ideas, lots of energy, a zeal we’ve lost, and new ways of taking care of business. If new agents can be taught the proper way of conducting business at the onset, there is a better chance they won’t become used to side-stepping and conducting real estate improperly. I believe bringing in new agents, training them properly, and overseeing their first year is a formula for success. The real estate industry has always had its share of corrupt agents, lenders, appraisers, etc. That’s how we got ourselves into the mess of a bubble bursting a few years back. All of us who had some hand in the consummation of a real estate closing back then were responsible. We owe it to ourselves to help clean up our industry today.

We always need new agents because the young agents from the 80’s have grown into the older agents of our present time. When I was licensed in 1983, I was a single Mom and at the age of 34, I thought I would never grow old. Now, I worry about the younger agents being taught how to do the right thing. I can affect them if I can teach them. Therefore, I want to see new agents coming into the business. It’s the natural order of things. We always need new agents the same way we always need new doctors.

For seasoned professionals to dissuade newbies from joining the ranks is a sign of insecurity, fear or just plain selfishness. There has and there always will be plenty of room in this business. Admittedly, the percentage of first-year agents who fail is high, but it’s always been high. With that said, you’ll find it interesting to know that in 1983, the year I was licensed, there were 627,444 REALTORS in the National Association. In 2015, 32 years later, there were 1,167,595 members. That should give us hope! Even in the financial crisis, though we had a decline those years, we are now back and growing.

If you are contemplating starting a career in real estate, don’t let the naysayers bring you down. If you talk with a real estate agent who discourages you from getting your real estate license, check out their production. They’re either making very good money or they’re making very little money. Those agents do not believe we always need new agents. Make your own decision based on your own goals and then do something about it. If a Florida real estate license is something you need, feel free to contact me. I’m here to help. CLICK HERE TO GET THE HELP YOU NEED!