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Career Changes Are Not Unusual

In our country, career changes are not unusual. Statistics show that most consumers will change careers at least three times during adulthood. Most real estate agents come into the profession from having worked in another field and then either have grown tired of it or have become the victim of downsizing. Some people change careers after having worked many years at one career, retiring and then realizing they want to continue working.

Career changes are not unusual, but they can still be pretty stressful. It’s not easy to leave familiarity to walk into the unknown. That’s why it’s so important to have back-up. When you change your career, make sure once you accomplish the change that there is someone in the new career who is willing to train you and to help you get positioned. In real estate, it normally takes a while to establish yourself as a real estate professional.

A prospective student recently asked me, “How long will it be before I make any money?” There is no such thing as a bad question, but some questions just require common sense. My answer to this basic question had more to do with the student than anything else. You see, in real estate just as in other sales jobs, one thing limits you, yourself. If you are changing careers from one that typically gave you a paycheck regularly, whether you performed well or not, you may become shocked to find yourself working without any kind of remuneration.

A career in real estate requires tenacity, patience, and lots of repetition. To see results you have to be willing to do some things over and over. Career changes are not unusual in our country, but career changes must be well thought out. Do not get your real estate license unless you are willing to do what it takes to become successful!

The first step to changing your career is to talk to me. I am the “go to” person if you want a Florida real estate license. I can offer you a one-week fast track class that will get you licensed and practicing real estate within just a couple of weeks. We even finance your class if you need help! We are that serious about passing on the knowledge we’ve acquired over years of being a licensed REALTOR® as well as being real estate instructors. All you need to do is to take that first step – figure out whether or not there is a passion deep down that won’t be satisfied until you change your career. If you have the passion, we can give you the knowledge, so call us today or register on our website.