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The Freedom We Have In This Great Industry!

We train, teach, preach, we say you must do this, you must do that, and through it all we sometimes forget the freedom we have in this great industry of ours!

There aren’t many professions where we can call it a day even if we’ve only put in an hour. The freedom of using our time as we wish is mind-blowing to anyone coming in from rigid hours in employee type settings. In real estate, we have freedom to come and go pretty much as we please. Don’t get me wrong, there are consequences to our actions, but there are also rewards to our actions.

I’ve heard the rhetoric all these years that I’ve been around. “Work smarter, not harder,” “Sling enough mud, some of it will stick.” How about, “Sellers are yellers, buyers are liars.” We can’t forget, “He who lists, lasts,” and one of my favorites, “The faster I go, the further behind I get!” These are all well known slogans used for motivation, breaking the ice, setting the pace, and making people laugh. I use them because they’re easier to remember than for me to create something new.

The point I’m trying to make in bringing these old sayings up is that the same problems in our industry have been around since we’ve had this industry. We almost create monsters within ourselves when we grasp the fact that (1) we are self-employed, and the broker can only suggest we come to meetings and (2) the trainer can only recommend we lead generate each day. In some offices, you almost want to lament to the agents with the question, “If you don’t need the money, why not work somewhere else?” Being in the real estate industry requires a constant outlay of cash for dues, office expenses, education, supplies, etc. I’m just greedy enough to want to keep a good portion of my earnings, so if I wasn’t motivated to do what I had to do to make what I wanted to make I’d be tempted to go work part-time greeting customers, selling cosmetics, or maybe working at fast food.

If the freedom you have in the real estate industry is allowing you to stay unmotivated, to doing more fun stuff than work stuff, to stay home during meetings, to not take floor duty, and to not lead generate, you may ought to re-think why you are here. Pick yourself up and let the freedom you have work for you! Use your time for business, not for pleasure. It will make a difference in your life and in your checkbook! Give me a call if I can help get you on the right track toward a real career in real estate, not a pretend one.