“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

All agents know that in order to open a brokerage with your own army of sales associates working on your behalf, you must have a broker’s license. Opening your own brokerage, whether creating your own brand or opening a franchise location, is no small accomplishment. It takes an incredible amount of motivation, planning, discipline, and expertise.

So, let’s take a minute to focus on an age old question from one agent to another: “I’m not going to open my own office, so why would I want to take the broker’s class?” I’ve heard this question from countless agents. And Some seemed to think they would stump me with it. On the contrary, the answer is quite simple: Why wouldn’t you?

Why wouldn’t you want to further your education to better serve the public? Think back to when you first joined your local board. Remember the Realtor Code of Ethics? The Code emphasizes fair dealings with your clients, other agents and brokers, and the general public. Wouldn’t your community be best served by agents with the highest available level of education?

Why wouldn’t you want to do something to make yourself stand out? The housing market is hot right now and the competition among agents is fierce. Why stand on a level playing field when further education is so readily available? In a room full of sales associates, be the one that who takes the time and effort to go the extra mile. Potential customers will recognize and admire that about you.

Why wouldn’t you want to better yourself and strengthen your resume? We work tirelessly on nights, weekends, and holidays with no regard to business hours in order to satisfy our customers and get deals to the closing table. Take this opportunity to put yourself at the top of your to do list. I can guarantee you that when you do, the business will follow.

Why wouldn’t you want to do something that will open doors and provide opportunities for your future self? So you don’t want to open your own brokerage…right now. Can you say to yourself with absolute certainty that you won’t feel differently in two years? How about twelve years? What happens when your broker retires? What if he or she has to leave suddenly due to family or illness? Does your office have a contingency plan? YOU could be the contingency plan!

Now that we I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s focus on the more important question: What are you waiting for? TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is offering the 72 hour Florida Broker’s Course from April 23rd to May 23rd. Class starts at 5:30 pm, Monday through Wednesday with a catered dinner provided by a different vendor each night. There’s still time to sign up, but seating is limited, so make sure to reserve your seat today!