This is Monday


This is Monday, and although we just finished a weekend, Mondays sometimes are needed to regroup.  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School was still in session through the weekend, as we finished up our November One-Week Fast Track Class.  We had 13 students test, and 12 of them passed.  Scores ranged from 97 to 72, and we couldn’t be prouder.


This is Monday, and although some of us may be dragging, I suspect there are 12 future real estate agents who are busy formulating their plan to take the state exam for their real estate license.


Even though this is Monday, for some of you it will be a day of accomplishments.  Mondays do not have to be dreaded, and they certainly do not have to be slow.  We normally hit the ground running when it comes to a Monday.  Today, however, Bob Scarberry will take things a little slower because he needs Monday to catch up on everything he couldn’t do last week.  For us, whether teaching four nights a week or teaching a straight six days, that final exit exam on Sunday is the signal that after the paperwork is shuffled, after our brains come back to normal, and after our bodies have healed a little from being tired, we can regroup and start all over again.


This is Monday and this Monday is a bit different for us.  As we look at our teaching schedules, we see something we haven’t seen for a while.  We see gaps.


It’s happening!  Bob Hughes and I have been planning awhile for this Monday.  We’ve been laying groundwork for the day when we could announce to one another, “This is Monday,” and we can rest!  Thank you, Bob Scarsberry, for being there in Pensacola!  Thank you, Brent Spaulding, for taking Niceville!  Because of these wonderful instructors, TEAM Hughes can grow and Bob and I can manage that growth and plan for more!  We are blessed to have instructors who will become the best real estate instructors in our area.


This is Monday, and hopefully, this is the beginning of many Mondays where our students will be able to get the best real estate education around.  Whether it is pre licensing, post licensing or becoming a broker, TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is here to serve.  Bob and I aren’t going away.  Better yet, we’re helping others fulfill their passions, and we’ll soon be announcing plans for more growth!  If you want us to help you, don’t hesitate to call or to check out or website.  This is Monday, and we’re here for you!