Kyle Skipper is a young man who works with NY Life Securities, LLC, here in the Pensacola area. I admire Kyle because he has a realistic view on some major issues in life, even though he is someone I consider young. With Kyle's permission, I am sort of quoting one of his recent Facebook posts:

“Your current situation is a direct result of your standards. Think of where you are in life, whether It's your job, your money, your happiness, etc. You are in that place because you set that standard for yourself. If you're not happy where you are, then raise your standards. Not happy with your job? Raise your standards and find a career you love. Not happy with your financial situation? Raise your standards and make a change to make your family's financial future a priority. This is probably the most important concept that not only applies to your financial plan, but echoes throughout the rest of your life in every single aspect. If you're not happy with it, raise your standards!”

Obviously, Kyle is looking at the glass through a financial planner's eyes. This is not a bad thing. Because it's difficult to plan for the future without proper funding, he asserts that it is up to you to change things around, to shake things up, to not settle, to raise your standards.

I know a career in real estate is not for everyone, and I know a successful career in real estate is not for the faint of heart. I also know, however, that a career in real estate has no limitations, no boundaries, no salary limits, and it's not a career that you must walk away from because you reached a certain age. I do know that if you want to raise your standards and you have a love for people and for serving them, a real estate career just might be the place for you.

TEAM Hughes Real Estate School enjoys a good reputation among its students, and that is no accident. We practice what we preach, and a few years ago it occurred to me that rather than continue instructing for other schools, I wanted to make a difference in students' lives by passing on our personal culture, which is to help one another. After serving as volunteers in an RV Ministry, Bob and I came home to the Panhandle. We were not content to retire and do nothing, and we wanted to raise our standards. The rest is history, and today we continue to serve our students and to establish relationships with many of them.

If you want to raise your standards and you believe a real estate career would be profitable to you, come join us for a 63-Hr. Pre-License class. We offer a One-Week Fast Track class, as well as a three-week evening class. Our website has all the information you need to get started, and we sure hope to see you soon!