Become a Hurricane!

Florida just got knocked on its “keester” with Hurricane Irma, Texas was pummeled by Hurricane Harvey, and while writing this blog, we still don’t know the calamity Hurricane Jose will cause. Let’s face it: this hurricane season was not your Momma’s hurricane season! Time stood still, businesses shut down, schools shut down, people evacuated, and life became disorganized.

Now it’s time to get back to work. Now it’s time for you to become a hurricane! Of course, I’m using a hurricane as a metaphor in your real estate career. Hurricanes can be scattered, unnerving and unpredictable. That’s not what I want for you. Become a hurricane that is organized, formidable, up to the challenges at hand.

In your real estate career, there will be lulls and there will be whirlwinds when time passes by so quickly you’ll feel as though you accomplished nothing. Become a hurricane so you can take dominion over time, so that you accomplish great things, so that you can be the master of your own career. One of the greatest attractions about becoming a real estate agent is the flexibility in how you become successful. There are no longer any 9-5 restrictions, you can work when you want, you can do as much or as little as you think is necessary. If you become a hurricane, you’ll move with the speed of a storm and you’ll get things done. If you want to be a spring shower, you don’t have to move so quickly and you can still achieve greatness with the consistency of a slow, steady rain.

When devastation overtakes us the way these hurricanes have done, many of us reflect on our lives and we begin asking ourselves whether we’re happy doing whatever it is we’re doing. If you have a job that is creating a void in your life, and you have a desire to sell real estate, maybe now is the time to pay attention to the size of that void. Most voids will increase in size over the years, and the longer we put off doing something for ourselves, the more difficult it becomes to take that leap of faith to do it.

If you become a hurricane and you decide now is the time to make changes in your life, you must follow that decision because if you don’t, you’ll always have an emptiness and you’ll always have a longing to do something different, whether you become a hurricane or a spring shower. We at TEAM Hughes Real Estate School can help. Not only will we get you ready for the state exam, but once you are licensed, we can help with ongoing education, such as Post Licensing, Continuing Ed, and even that coveted 72-Hr. Broker Pre-Licensing Course. Once you come through our school, you are no longer a wannabe – you are now family.

Let us help you to become a hurricane to accomplish great things! Call us today!