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Wandering in the Desert

By: Carrie Hughes

Today’s world of technology makes life easier, but many people seem to be wandering in the desert. Things have gotten so hectic that they don’t know how to slow down and enjoy their career. Working and getting a paycheck is their first priority rather than happiness or passions. Wandering in the desert can take different forms for different people. For some, wandering is being generally unhappy with life. For others, they are wandering because they don’t feel the flames of excitement or anticipation.

Wandering in the desert can be a dangerous place to be. It can put off decisions being made that can lead toward security or contentment. Wandering can mean we no longer have goals or a plan for our future. Wandering in the desert can even be broken down to that tiniest desire for something better. One may have a desire, but no understanding of how to fulfill that desire.

There are so many people in this world who are going through the motions. They work Monday through Friday, making plans for the weekend as some sort of an escape from their humdrum weekly existence. That’s wandering in the desert, and you can change that kind of wandering. Life is all about decisions, and we humans tend to make our share of bad decisions along the way. Many of us experience a decision about working that will change our attitude throughout our adulthood, so much so that we shape ourselves into a person who finds little joy during the week and who continually lives with anticipation for the weekend or for vacations.

If you are wandering in the desert, it may be hard for you to envision a career that is not so rigid that you must be there Monday through Friday. Most real estate agents, when asked what their number one reason for liking their job might be, will respond in some way that refers to the flexibility they enjoy in their careers. Real estate agents got tired of the rigidity of working for someone else. Real estate agents stopped wandering in the desert and made their own decision to be the captain of their own ship. It’s pretty rare to find any actively working real estate agents who will tell you they hate their jobs.

Beginning a new year will bring new goals. If you are wandering in the desert of your career, maybe 2019 is the time you jump ship and stopped wandering. TEAM Hughes Real Estate School has two locations! We aren’t wandering! We are stretching and making ourselves available to you. Check out our website for campuses and classes that will fit your schedule and make the first step toward getting out of the desert and into the light where you can see the path toward success. We’ll be here to help set the path before you.