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Walking in a Real Estate Agent’s Shoes

A real estate agent’s world is unlike most other people’s worlds. It’s terribly difficult to walk in a real estate agent’s shoes unless you are actually in real estate or have knowledge of the real estate industry. 

Once licensed, a real estate agent’s world pretty much changes from their former norm. Training is the first order of business after a license is achieved, and without the proper training, a real estate agent could be setting himself up for failure by not properly establishing the right kinds of habits needed to be successful.

In my first year of real estate, I spent as much time in training as I did actually working with people. Those early days of phone calling, door knocking, and neighborhood canvassing were not necessarily the most enjoyable days, but they did start me off using valuable tools, habits, and knowledge.

Some of the most enjoyable moments I appreciated in my early days as a real estate agent included mornings that weren’t so rushed anymore. I worked 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. pretty much most of my earlier career, and being a real estate agent gave me a bit of freedom I had never known. Unfortunately, many new agents abuse that freedom and never use it to generate new business in order to achieve daily goals. As a single mother of two youngsters at that time, I relished the hours after kids were gone to school. If I didn’t have to be in the office, I wasn’t. I used that time to lead generate.

Having had a broker who lived by his "daytimer", I was taught early on in my new found career to write everything down, make lists, scratch off accomplishments, and move forward neglected items. It didn’t take long before my "daytimer” became the single most important tool of my trade. Without knowing what needed to be done, I couldn’t do anything. I was paralyzed, I was spinning wheels, and accomplishing very little. Obviously, a real estate agent needs organization!

Self-discipline is a trait that every real estate agent should possess. There are tons of personality assessments out there, and there are tons of ways to predict whether or not a future agent will be a good candidate for working with people. If you truly want to walk in a real estate agent’s shoes, however, you need to be the one person responsible for yourself. You need to master your time, you need to prioritize your tasks, and you are the one who needs to accomplish them. We live in a “blame it on someone else society” today, and that doesn’t work in the real estate industry. If you cannot discipline yourself to lead generate or to contact customers and clients or even to service your own listings, you will soon find you do not have enough hours in the day to do what you need to do.

Walking in a real estate agent’s shoes begins with licensing, and TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is where it all begins. Call or email us and we will get started with you, and soon you will be walking in your own shoes toward success.