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Even Real Estate Agents Need to be Nudged

When you were in school, you put off doing your homework until the day before it was due. You wait as late as possible to file your tax return. You still dislike having to do certain things by deadlines. Procrastination is something you’ve experienced many times. If you can relate to some of these scenarios, then you can understand that even real estate agents need to be nudged.

At the time Florida real estate licensees are issued their license, they have anywhere between 18 and 24 months to complete an additional 45 hours of post licensing education. That’s a year and a half, and possibly two years, for an agent to succumb to additional knowledge. You would think a brand new agent would have time and motivation to receive their education, and that they would gladly complete the requirement early in their career so it is not looming over them at a time when, hopefully, they will be too busy to attend to it. Yet, even real estate agents need to be nudged.

Admittedly, I worked diligently to receive a letter informing me that since I was 65 and have had my license for more than 25 years, I was no longer subject to South Carolina continuing education. Yippee! No more agonizing every two years at the thought of having to complete 14 hours. Boy, when I type it and then read it back, it kind of sounds like I’m a wimp. Sad, but true, I, like most other adults, would rather do anything than have to be bound to a deadline.

Yes, even real estate agents need to be nudged. In February, we will be teaching the 45-Hr. Post Licensing class. We have helped more than 800 students get their Florida license, and we presently have 16 students registered for our August Post Licensing Class. I’d say that’s a pretty low ratio, considering everyone needs the 45 hours if they actually got their Florida real estate license. I’m confident more agents will sign up for the February class because I know even real estate agents need to be nudged, and some will wait until the last minute, but it sure would be nice to be able to order books early, rather than having to wait until the last minute.

It’s amusing when March and September roll around. I always get calls from experienced agents asking about the 14 hours of continuing education they have to take every two years. Now I’ve started stockpiling the required books just in case they call at the last minute.   

Yes, we live in a world of procrastination, and even real estate agents need to be nudged. Today’s blog is just a gentle reminder that if you’ve got post-licensing or continuing education facing you, go ahead and get them out of the way. Once you do, it frees you up to keep working without dreading tomorrow. Call me. I can help.